Saturday, 19 June 2010

I'm dating my guild master

Yes, it's true. Love exists in Azeroth even though the chances of finding it are about 1:11.000.000. But I made it, we made it.

I asked my GM out for a drink. He said yes. I said I liked him. A lot. I told him I was anxious I might change my mind. He said he definitely wouldn't.

I told him I remembered when we first played together a year ago. He said he remembered what I was wearing when we first ran into each other seven years ago. I outfit tested it. He really did remember.

Every time I tell someone where we met, I blush. My mother refers to him as "the gamer" and refused to meet him for several weeks, as she is already lumbered with two addict children and one addict son-in-law. Probably she is wondering where she went wrong with it all. Personally I think she should have let us have an 8-bit Nintendo when we were kids, so we wouldn't have grown to see video games as such a treat.

Obviously now, though, my mum has caved in and met him. She loves him. Everyone does.

And I love him. I love him in a way I have not loved someone since I was 21 and fell head over heels for my gay ex and soulmate. I love him in a way that is whispered in someone's ear at 03.30 in the morning when they are half asleep, in a way that promises that he will never again have to scale back on his expectations of being cared for in order to avoid disappointment.

And to reassure my anxious and recently broken heart, he has confirmed that he will:
  • Scale back on smoking when we have children
  • Sometimes bite his tongue and watch lame TV with me
  • Do half of the housework
  • Hold me when I wake at night and I'm scared
  • Always kiss me when he returns
  • Probably cry when I tell him I'm pregnant
  • Propose
  • Look me in the eye and still be his own person

He will carry me through life and I will carry his heart that he has given me, that is beating in my chest in return for mine.

He will boost me through every instance, make sure I have all the gems my gear can carry, teach me how to tank and heal, dps race me and tell me I'm great even when he crushes me, he will love me especially because I understand the pleasure of killing a gnome and getting an extra nice cable from Clas Ohlson on a Saturday afternoon.

I will not look back. This is it.


Dion said...

Why would he cry if you're pregnant?

Immodesty Blaze said...

Hehe, for joy.. I actually had to clarify this to him as he asked the same question, hehehe.

Dion said...

That's a good reason then!

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