Wednesday, 8 December 2010

More gingerbread cookies!

Although this time they are more like art works. I went to the annual gingerbread house exhibition, where proceeds go to charity, to get in the mood.

I have to say I'm impressed with these, although they also lead one to wonder how the Scandinavians manage to have such a good economy when they appear to spend a not inconsiderable number of office hours doing these...

The ship has cheated slightly by not making the sails out of anything edible, but I think it's still pretty impressive.

OK, so they never win anything, but at least they have a sweet stadium!

Top tip: Making windows out of gelatine sheets.

OK, OK, I know, the petroleum industry are evil and pollute the world. But look! How can anything with this many Smarties on it be evil??!

Otherwise, winter has finally gotten over the first ridiculously Siberia dry and cold spell and it has started snowing properly.

I cannot even see the houses up in the hill across the harbor, though that could partly be due to my dirty window rather than just the snow. I have to go outside soon, which will be less than comfortable, but still, it's impossible not to enjoy it.

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HermanTurnip said...

Ack! The wife and I are in California and we can't help but cringe looking at the nightly weather around the country. I guess I've grown soft, but living in areas where there's actual "weather" would be far too much for me ;-)

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