Thursday, 25 March 2010

It's a girl

It is weird, being on your own all of a sudden. I realise how much energy went into my past relationship, and now that energy and time is all just there, for me to spend on.. what ever I want to.

Today, I put feet on the TV cabinet which has been Victorian legless since I purchased it almost a year ago. I have filled the holes in the corridor wall with putty and will sand it down and paint it one day..

I have rearranged the bedroom. Maybe soon, I will get around to rearranging the closet as well, seeing as I now have twice as much space.

And in a strange way, the same thing seems to be happening inside myself, there is twice as much space for me to just be.. me. It's a weird feeling to just be oozing into my own skin after such a long time, like an amoeba preparing to split in half again at a later stage.

And no, don't worry, I haven't suddenly gone mad and started a baby blog. It's my friend's baby. She went for her 18 week scan today and I am celebrating by knitting a baby cardigan.

I actually started casting on in class today before my friend even told me what gender the baby was, but she has been claiming for weeks that it was a girl, so I pretty much thought it was a safe bet. After all, one has about a 50% chance of getting it right...

I knitted one of these earlier, for my niece I think, and it came out really well.

So new projects, new prospects, new configurations of furniture.

Still working to suppress the feeling that I might die alone at 80, surrounded by cats, though.

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