Friday, 26 March 2010

My first ever...

...knitted adult pair of socks!

OK, so I'm not convinced both of them are exactly the same size, due to the emotional duress I was under during sock no. 2, but on paper, I'd say I've done a great job.

I knitted using Rowan 4-ply soft and made up the pattern on the fly. The wool is super erm, soft, and the socks are actually way too nice to hide inside a pair of shoes, yet way too thick to fit inside any small footwear that would actually show them off. D'oh.. Shoulda thought of that I guess!
Knitting is oddly comforting. Psychologically, the combination of repetitive actions with a certain requirement for concentration can't be beaten. Except maybe by WoW.


Jenny said...

I am so proud of you. xx

Ducking Great said...

Thanks! That really means something to me :)

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