Saturday, 17 April 2010


It is raining outside today. Large drops falling almost straight, hardly any wind, and the harbor is rippled only by the impact of water on water.

The city is still sleeping, though I hesitate to call it a city, because it is not much more than a town really.

I have thought about whether I feel lonely. Whether I always felt lonely and thereby became a serial monogamist. It is weird. I never planned on having a boyfriend when I was younger. Sure, I liked guys but I've never really liked committment.

And I've never managed to form a relationship form which I got as much or more than I gave. With J and I, I guess we both gave more than we got. Our relationship turned into some kind of vortex that just sucked the life out of us both. The kind you read about in romatic novels, at the beginning, before the heroine realises that actually, the dashing guy next door is her true love. Like the opposite of gestalt theory, the whole is lesser than its parts.

So what am I afraid of? I, who barely know what fear is, unless it slaps me across the face with a fist, which it actually only did once for a brief moment during this last trauma.

My mother, always the pragmatic, told me several times to stop calling people, because she worried that they "would get tired of me". Experience of course showed that people didn't get tired of me, though they probably got used to me showing initiative and therefore rarely rang me first.

And maybe they didn't ring me first because there was something aloof about me, I had no fear. I might say no.

But I remembered my mother's words, and now I am worried of getting in touch with people, even though I do it, I don't feel entirely comfortable with it, except with my few very close friends whom I know I could call at any time of the day and they really would not mind.

Then there is the moving. I have moved around so much that I have never had time to settle into someone's social group. I am always welcome, never expected. Have I moved so much because I was afraid that if I tried to settle in, I wouldn't be accepted? I don't think so. I think this is just what I've had to sacrifice on the altar of my restlessness. Among other things. Though in a sense one could also say that at least they never have time to get tired of me.

So therefore, having a partner was always comforting to me, to my insecurity and partially my laziness.

It is fantastic to always have someone there, someone who will entertain me or that I can engage with my random thoughts about life, someone to have sex with. Sex on tap is extremely underrated, and I can tell I'm getting pretty cranky now though I'm too lazy and still feeling too tender to do anything about it.

I don't actually mind being on my own. I just mind not knowing that someone won't come rushing to my side the second I do.


Pearl said...

It's cliched but perhaps it's cliched because there's a kernel of truth in it: to have friends, you must be a friend.

Don't be afraid to reach out!


Immodesty Blaze said...

Thanks, you're right really.. But actually I'm much better at giving support than receiving it! Sometimes when I consider the fact that I'll soon be a proper psychologist it really freaks me out!

Molly said...

aw that gd who r the friends u were talkin about me and katie and leon and that lol

you will find someone someday but at the momment u r out wiv leon lol

and u r gd at givvin out surrpot thanks for eveythin u do

Molly said...

Aw i just read ue blog it kl are the group of friends me n katie n that lol thanks if it is

U will find the right person someday ther always is a perfect uy out in the world somewhere u just gotta find him anyway arnt u goin out wiv leom

and u r good at givvin advice out to people

and thanks for every thing u do for us we really apprieciate it sometimes we just dont notice it llol xx

Immodesty Blaze said...

Hi Molly! I don't think I know you! But thanks for reading!!

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