Thursday, 15 April 2010


Slowly I am moving out of this numbness that's pretty much constituted all of my emotional life for the last month or so.

I remember what it can be like to wish to wake up in someone elses arms, to actually yearn for social contact with friends, to make playlists in Spotify just because you can.

There should always be an ex to fall back on. Just not the one you just broke up with, obviously.

The insane thing about being in love is the inevitability you start to think applies to you being with the object of your affections. It feels like it must happen to such an extent that you think it will happen. This is clearly delusional, but it is such a lovely flight of fancy, such an incredible high, that it's difficult to resist.

I've stolen enough moments with my "one who got away" that I now remember what it's like. It's a dangerous game, but what is life for, if not for playing...


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